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ActiveRecord Pooling Alternatives

Any kind of resource pooling, in general, should not be reflected too much in a public interface of a library (as most details are often useful to be changed). With Rails ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::ConnectionPool leaks to user-land and is even part of the documentation. It’s essential since the API provided isn’t available elsewhere e.g. check if there’s currently an active_connection? available or using with_connection.

Pooling internals changed with major releases and each version (Rails 2.3, 3.x, 4.x) had its own characteristics - some problematic on non-GIL rubies esp. under high connection utilization.

So, the built-in pool is not easy to avoid (although some have tried), but knowing Ruby what if we used a different implementation quacking the same interface as ConnectionPool has. Actually, that works and has been a feasible solution, compared to monkey-patching the whole connection pool, with a simple hook :

module MyRails # config/application.rb
  class Application < Rails::Application
    # ...
require 'active_record/bogacs'
if Rails.env.production? # replace AR's pool impl
  pool_impl = ActiveRecord::Bogacs::DefaultPool
  ch = ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::ConnectionHandler
  ch.connection_pool_class = pool_impl

Using Bogacs’ “default” pool implementation, we effectively back-port the pool from ActiveRecord 4.x, adapted for compatibility with previous versions, for applications running old Rails - say 3.2.x (by the way, resolves most contention issues faced when serving concurrent requests under JRuby).

Another pool implementation provided is ActiveRecord::Bogacs::FalsePool which does the expected API, keeps connections in a thread-local but does not do any actual pooling on its own. There’s plenty of use-cases where you do not want pooling or would like to employ an underlying pool outside ActiveRecord’s scope.

Under JRuby, using activerecord-jdbc-adapter, the above setup hook and having jndi: jdbc/MyRailsDS is all there is to it. Just keep in mind that pool: 50 or checkout_timeout: 5 won’t have any effect - connection pooling details are only to be accounted when configuring the underlying data source.

p.s. ActiveRecord-Bogacs was presented and released at JRubyConf!